Letters to the Editor

Why protest?

Re the Feb. 2 letter “Anti-social behavior”: Writer Charles Miller, and people like him seem to think that only immigrants are protesting. False! Millions of good, old-fashioned, born-in-the-USA Americans are in the streets, too.

My father’s family has been in this country for more than 200 years. I served in the U.S. Navy for 23 years. I am white and will continue to protest.

These protests are not just about immigration. They are about the environment, women’s rights; evolution; the importance of science and of the free press; public schools; the qualifications of our leaders (or lack there of); sanity in government; religious freedom for all religions, including no religion; and yes, they are about Trump, the manchild, who millions think is unfit to be dog catcher, never mind president.

That so many people fail to see or acknowledge any of this represents a loss of many important American values.

Finally, does Miller really think that protesting is anti-social and that our First Amendment rights only go so far?

Rod Gillis, Miami