Letters to the Editor

Politics in the pulpit

When President Trump touts free speech for churches, do you want a local mega church or some cult controlling your local government? What will this mean for non-Christians, or Christians of the wrong church?

It is imperative that we keep state and church separate, as advocated by our Founding Fathers. After all, they lived under a state church and knew what it meant.

While modern Christianity is certainly not as repressive as some other religions, what happens if the government is taken over by extremists who can control your entire life?

You may not like many of the latest social policies, but individuals are not forced to live by them. However, that may not be true when a specific religion controls government and implements its social policies (no divorce, no education or equal opportunity for women, etc.)

This is a dangerous path, and it is imperative we stop now.

Judy Adkins, Tampa