Letters to the Editor

Travel ban

If the travel ban is not about religion but keeping our country safe, why then is there no travel ban from Egypt, which has the most active ISIS branch, or India, which is one of four countries deemed to have the most terrorist attacks, according to State Department?

Or Qatar, who according to the Jerusalem Center Report of September 2014, was involved in terrorist financing? Or Turkey, which even Russia has evidence that it has been supplying oil for ISIS or that it aids Al-Nursra?

Isn’t it a fact that four Turkish terrorists were caught in Texas trying to cross the border? Could it be that our president is currently building new hotels in Egypt, Turkey and India? Maybe if the president would show us his tax returns as promised during his campaign we can put the idea to rest that his only concern is with those countries that do not add to his bottom line.

Rosa Maria Hanchett,

Coral Gables