Letters to the Editor

Immigration worries

As retired career federal employees, we have grave concerns about President Trump’s immigration policies, including his rash, discriminatory and ill-considered travel ban and his preferential refugee directives.

Trump’s policies, coupled with his reliance on objectively unreasonable “alternative facts” (i.e. falsehoods), his targeting of minority and religious groups as a means of creating scapegoats for perceived economic and national security issues, his directives creating faith-based preferences for certain refugees, his refusal to give thoughtful consideration to the constitutional ramifications of his actions, and his disregard of actual and potential conflicts of interest, constitute a very real dangers to our democracy.

We expect that, consistent with their oaths of office and regardless of party affiliation, our elected representatives will actively defend our fundamental constitutional rights and speak out in condemnation of any executive actions or policies that threaten well-established democratic principles and values.

Dawn Bowen and

Miguel Caridad,

Coral Gables