Letters to the Editor

Rubio denigrates

I am a constituent of Sen. Marco Rubio who, along with many others, has been trying to get his attention. Recent remarks by his spokesman were inaccurate and disappointing.

Rubio should not denigrate those who disagree with him. His constituents want to be heard.

He is here because he works for us, not the other way around.

We are not paid protesters but hard working Americans who put him in office.

Trump is not entitled to nominate his cabinet. He is entitled to present a cabinet for nomination.

The senator’s job is to thoroughly vet that cabinet, ensure that they will follow the law and ensure that none of these nominees has a conflict of interest or is ethically compromised, which cannot be done without thorough vetting and discussion.

I hope lawmakers in Congress listen to their constituents, especially when we disagree with them, and that they will stop spreading lies about us.

If they do not listen, we will have no choice but to find elected officials who will.

Laura Thomas, Tequesta