Letters to the Editor

Not proud of Helen Aguirre Ferré

I was sickened by the star-struck “local girl makes good” editorial blindly supporting Helen Aguirre Ferré’s work with Donald Trump’s White House.

Yes, she ended up working on his campaign after supporting Jeb Bush’s failed campaign. Before she got co-opted, she was even part of the “Never Trump” movement and wrote that women “deserve better” than a Trump presidency.

She became the chief propagandist to Hispanics as part of the Trump campaign, and caused outrage at Miami Dade College.

The Herald should criticize propagandists like Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Helen Aguirre Ferré for all of their lies, falsehoods, and “alternative facts.”

The fact that one of these people is from South Florida is no cause for local pride.

David Treece,

Miami Shores