Letters to the Editor

Ignoring liberty

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who once said that a society that sacrifices liberty for security, deserves neither. This was a man who flew a kite in lightning to test the scientific principles of electricity. But more important, he and others gathered in Philadelphia to conceive a nation. The two actions were not in opposition. Rather they were a continuum of intellect.

America has always been a nation of rational, forward thinkers. Now we are living in a time of ignorance. The problem is the daily tsunami of stupidity. It has only been about two weeks, yet we are on the brink of a Constitutional crisis. A nation — a people — thrown into such a maelstrom cannot function. I told my young son that when the wave hits, you swim. You ride it out to the shore. That is how you survive.

What President Trump has triggered America’s urgent desire for self-preservation.

We, as Muslims, and Americans, are in a daze. Before we can grapple with one calamity, Trump throws more at us. Tragically, he has a complete lack of empathy. Families are being destroyed. Education, medicine, and technology will be crippled. But he is beyond shortsighted. Indeed, he would never fly a kite in the rain — nor would he forge a nation — that love and courage built.

Sabriya B. Ishoof, Pinecrest