Letters to the Editor

Buchanan’s values

Pat Buchanan fails to live up to his religious values. His religious training says that we are to welcome the stranger in our midst. But Buchanan wants to keep out immigrants so, as he writes, “Nor can the Republican Party survive the Third Worldization of the United States.” He’s all about politics.

President Trump, his followers and Buchanan, seem to know very little about geography. An expensive wall between Mexico and the United States will not keep Mexicans and others out. It will be easy for boaters to reach U.S. shores, as Cubans do, via the Gulf of Mexico.

Further, the wall between East and West Germany with fences, a wall and canal in the ground, lights, land mines and guards in towers armed with machine guns didn’t keep desperate people out. Is this the type of wall we will have on our southern border? I hope not.

This is God’s world. Water is holy and created to unite his children, not separate them. We need to put our trust in God.

Tom Comerford,