Letters to the Editor

Menace to society

In only a matter of days, President Donald J. Trump has:

▪ Issued an executive order that, in addition to excluding all refugees for 120 days and blocking the admission of citizens from Muslim-majority countries (except from those where he has Trump family business), barred U.S. permanent residents (green card holders) from some countries from re-entering the United States, a portion of which was enjoined by several federal judges, then had his chief of staff walk back a portion of the order, sort of.

▪ Started a trade dispute with a peaceful neighbor and proposed imposing a tax to be paid by American consumers to pay for the cost of that dispute. The tax would have a broad and serious impact on the U.S. economy, its consumers and workers by sharply increasing the prices.

▪ Advocated the use of torture as an interrogation tool; methods opposed by his secretary of Defense.

▪ Created political and economic opportunities for Russia and China in Europe and Asia, respectively, by seeking to withdraw American political and economic presence and influence in those regions.

▪ Threatened an investigation of nonexistent voter fraud, with its unstated effect of targeting African-American and Hispanic voters.

And, the list goes on.

Our nation needs a competent president, not just a loud, messy one that is divisive at home and hurting its credibility and image throughout the world.

Unfortunately, it is clear that Trump is not up to the task of being president of the United States.

How sad. Worse, how incompetent.

Bob Martinez, Miami