Letters to the Editor

Two mayors

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez gets the thumbs up for finally complying with our immigration laws and ending the county’s role in supporting illegal immigration, even if it comes as a result of a strong president’s executive order.

Meanwhile, Berlin Mayor Michael Muller gets two thumbs down for his emotional, leftist pleas to Trump against building a wall. He pleads his case by saying, “Berliners know better than most the pain caused when a whole continent is split by barbed wire and walls.”

I guess he never understood the Berlin Wall was built to hold East Berliners in as prisoners. The Berlin Wall did serve its purpose and its evil Russian builders. It finally came down as Communism lost out thanks, in part, to a Republican president.

Trump’s wall, whose purpose is to reclaim our national sovereignty and return to the rule of law, is in no way comparable to the Berlin Wall, and if Muller had been able to separate fact from liberal malarkey, he would know this wall is much closer to being like the Great Wall of China.

Frank Lujan, Miami