Letters to the Editor

Who we are

As a grandson of Latino immigrants and as a Jewish man, I am dismayed by the cowardice of this immigration ban. Putting aside the fact that experts have reported that such a ban would not likely keep America safer — looking past the fact that the countries with the ban did not export those who masterminded America’s worst terrorist attacks — the worst part of this ban is the fact that this is exactly what America is not.

America lets in the tired and poor and forgotten. America provides opportunity for those who can’t get a break. America stands for a citizenry that fights against prejudice and refuses to accept hate as a way of life. History must remind us that closing our door on defenseless refugees and vulnerable peoples undermines the founding principles of what we stand for — just as Jewish refugees were denied entry during the Holocaust.

We are better than this, and no amount of fear mongering or “alternative facts” must dissuade us from the truth of who we are and what is right.

Ken Seifert, Cutler Bay