Letters to the Editor

Buchanan’s rhetoric

Re Patrick Buchanan’s Jan. 29 oped, “The wall is just what our degraded nation needs”: Buchanan’s ideal of America legitimizes African-American slavery and Native-American genocide.

This refusal to acknowledge the dark side of America’s origins is not problematic for Buchanan and others who “see the country they grew up in as dying, disappearing, with something strange and foreign taking its place.” They seem to believe what that refusal implies: that the victims of African-American slavery and Native-American genocide were not — and by extension people of color can never be — part of the America Buchanan celebrates. And, in keeping with the logic of his nationalism, they do not count as members of the human race.

Despite experiencing the privileges of a white male in America, I can both love my country and confront the moral darkness in its root system that — aided by rhetoric like Buchanan’s — may yet prevail.

Robert Hach, Miami Shores