Letters to the Editor

Eye for an eye

I am the former and current owner of both horses and cats.

I find it despicable that Zasha the horse suffered from starvation for nearly four years and her ex-owner only gets house arrest for 20 days (“Abused horse gets new home; her ex-owner gets a criminal record,” Jan. 29).

Julio Lopez can still dine on steak and eggs, water, soda and alcohol while he sits in his home relaxing. Meantime, Zasha fights for her life.

Whatever happened to tit for tat — the infliction of an injury or insult in return for one that one has suffered? Lopez should suffer the same hunger and thirst that he made Zasha live through.

Maybe that might help stop cruelty to all animals if the human owners are sentenced the same punishment that they meted out their animals.

Cathy Margoshes, Sunrise