Letters to the Editor

Trump’s too busy

Although the Miami Herald is doing a good job reporting on President Trump’s misguided activities, personal grudges, faux “facts” and general deranged distractions, a significant story appears to have fallen through the cracks. The first natural disaster emergency of the Trump administration has been ignored.

Four devastating storms, generating a reported 50 tornadoes, tore across the states of Georgia and Mississippi, and dipped into the Florida Panhandle, affecting more than 16 counties just in Mississippi; destroying more than 1,000 homes in one county alone and killing upwards of 15 people.

The governors of Georgia and Mississippi have been pleading with the Trump administration for help from FEMA. But the administration has turned a deaf ear, and FEMA’s response is, essentially, “We’ll get back to you.” This does not bode well for hurricane-prone Florida.

The Obama administration, through FEMA, responded to 910 natural disaster emergencies. I guess Trump is too busy with his personal feuds, 3 a.m. tweets and counting heads in the photographs of his inauguration.

Steven Eagle, Miami