Letters to the Editor

Respect the POTUS

The time has come to stop this browbeating of our rightfully elected president of the United States.

He is our president, and leader, and should be respected as such by all the people.

The daily negativity of Herald columnists Fabiola Santiago and Leonard Pitts Jr. and cartoonist Jim Morin are presented with ridiculous insinuations.

In my lifetime, I have seen many presidents come and go, from Roosevelt to Obama.

Yes, some I mostly agreed with and liked, and some I mostly disagreed with, but never to the point of disrespect. To disagree is one thing — to verbally attack and browbeat is another.

We the people should be proud of our heritages and respect our new president. We are the greatest country, with liberty and justice for all.

And where there is no liberty and justice, President Trump will correct the situation.

Kurt Zoeller, Hialeah