Letters to the Editor

We need the media

So now we are going to pay for that wall twice?

The cost to build it and taxing Mexico for everything coming over the border. Better start growing food in your back yard or get that third job for the trip to Publix.

Talking about jobs, how much do you think that new Ford will cost when it’s made by workers making $20 an hour vs. $6?

The president is still in a dither over the size of the inauguration crowds in 2017 vs. 2009 and claiming 3 million fraudulent votes. His labor nominee fired workers in the United States and outsourced jobs to the Philippines. Trump wants to look at increasing U.S. troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria and gut the EPA.

And this in just over a week. How long will it take for voter remorse to set in?

I have tried to stay positive and give Trump a chance to govern, but I get the willies every time I read the next story. To the news media everywhere: Don’t ever shut up. We need you now more than ever.

Charles Peters, Miami