Letters to the Editor

Appeasing Trump

Why haven’t Sen. Marco Rubio, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and other Cuban-American leaders made a clear stand against President Trump’s ban on refugees from certain Muslim countries? As either children of, or refugees themselves, they should be ashamed for sitting by while Trump abandons victims of persecution and abuse.

They have denounced the repeal of wet foot, dry foot, yet ignore an action that denies refugee status to tens of thousands who have been displaced by hellish circumstances. They know that this has nothing to do with keeping us safe.

They know that the vetting process for refugees is long and detailed. They know that this is a show put on by Trump to appease his fearful and bigoted followers.

They or their parents, were welcomed with open arms by freedom-loving Americans. They are like survivors on a life boat, throwing out the rope to only their friends while beating back other drowning victims.

Shame on them for standing by while the president pursues his cold-hearted and bigoted agenda.

What are they getting in return from this administration to go along with something so abhorrent to their own family history?

Steven Ballinger,