Letters to the Editor

Trump lies

Donald Trump lied when he claimed his inauguration crowd was the greatest ever. He lied when he said President Obama was not born in America. He lied when he said he didn’t believe Russia tried to interfere in the election.

He lied when he said he wouldn’t release his tax records because they were under audit.

In fact I believe very little that he says. This is upsetting, because it is important to believe the person who is going to articulate the reasons he is sending our children and grandchildren to die, possibly, in future wars.

The lies previously stated, however, at least do not appear to form the basis for policy decisions. However, that is not true for his recent outrageous lies about fraudulent voters.

They are intended to be the basis, not only for policy, but more seriously, for enacting new laws. I predicted he or the Republican Party would make claims of voter fraud as soon as I heard the results of the election, because I am sure that laws designed to discourage and even prevent voters who might have otherwise voted Democratic, in many states, were a factor in the Democratic Party’s losses.

The danger to our democratic system is far greater than I imagined after 9/11, and I am afraid the greatest threat is not from the outside but rather from within.

Leon Botkin, Miami