Letters to the Editor

Haitian politics

The Jan. 25 article “Before Haiti’s president-elect even takes office, he’s battling money-laundering suspicions” reflects a troubling practice of sensational allegations against public figures in Haiti. President Aristide was accused of mental illness, President Martelly of holding a U.S. passport and now Jovenel Moise is accused of money laundering — and that is after accusations of having a landing field for drug-carrying planes on a the banana plantation proved untrue.

I am not interested in defending Moise; he has lawyers and advisers for that. But I deplore the politics of personal destruction. It intimidates potential participants in public life and undermines the prestige and power of the officeholders and office.

Haiti’s political actors need to discuss real problems, such as sending children to school, mitigating climate change, creating jobs, etc. Mudslinging is not beneficial to anyone except to those who use it as a weapon instead of engaging in a vigorous debate on addressing Haiti’s problems.

Jean D. Vernet, II,

Brooklyn, N.Y.