Letters to the Editor

No incorporation

It seems that the Miami-Dade Commission no longer wants to be in the business of representing its communities. Incorporation studies have been completed, and public hearings have been held. On Jan. 24, the South A Municipal Advisory Committee voted unanimously to move the incorporation efforts to the next level.

This recommendation was made after two public hearings attended by 690 and 339 community members, respectively. This is how a democracy should work. However, of the 99 residents who made comments during these public hearings, 94 spoke against incorporation and five spoke in favor. What is wrong with that picture?

While there can be benefits from incorporation for some communities, the overwhelming majority of the people in unincorporated Miami-Dade County are simply not willing to pay for those few advantages. We are mostly satisfied with our current form of governance despite the need for improvement.

Let the voice of the people be heard. Contact county commissioners and urge them not to push their responsibilities onto others in the form of another layer of government.

Joe Gagliano, Miami