Letters to the Editor

Too many cars on the road

The basic, underlying cause of the congestion and hazards that we face each time that we try to go anywhere in Miami-Dade County is simply that there are too many cars on the streets and highways.

All the planning, meetings, forums, editorials and tales of woe will amount to nothing until something is done to reduce the volume of motor vehicles that clog the streets of the county.

Enforcement, where now there is practically none, will help make commuting safer and will take care of education. These irresponsible, rude, inconsiderate drivers are not ignorant; they just don’t care.

And technology? What can technology do, short of developing cars that fly, when cars are bumper to bumper the entire length of State Road 836 from Miami Avenue to Southwest 107th Avenue?

The answer, of course, is twofold. First, the county must retake control of development and planning from the hands of the developers.

Second reliable, available and convenient public transportation must be provided, and there must be incentives to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

Ashby Cathey, Miami