Letters to the Editor

Bad EPA pick

Oceans are warming, and polar ice is melting. Climate scientists conclude that sea levels are rising rapidly, and the tipping point in global temperatures is approaching.

Scott Pruitt, nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency, denies climate change exists. He has filed lawsuits against the EPA, does not support its mission and will undermine it. I am not OK with this.

Republicans argue that the EPA offers too many job-killing regulations.

But I am optimistic that an opportunity lost in dirty energy is a clean job gained. While Donald Trump is determined to revitalize the coal industry, I am more concerned about Florida’s billion-dollar tourist economy and the millions of jobs it creates for Florida.

Miami Beach will be one of the first casualties to rising seas. The city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Florida, the country, and perhaps the world.

Pruitt’s confirmation will lead to accelerating global temperatures and the demise of the city.

Sen. Marco Rubio should not vote to confirm Pruitt as head of EPA.

Jason Slaughter,