Letters to the Editor

Debatable words

During this tumultuous political season, words such as legitimate, illegitimate and delegitimize or derivations have become part of the national conversation. As a black man, I could share many instances when attempts were made to delegitimize and block my path to becoming successful.

The birther movement was an attempt to delegitimize Barack Obama’s presidency, and the recent attacks on John Lewis have sought to devalue his good works. So I join Leonard Pitts in thanking President Obama for keeping his head “when all about [him were] losing theirs and blaming it on [him].”

The shouts of “Take America back,” “Make America great again” and “Make Obama a one-term president” were all designed to delegitimize the president as a man and the work that he was trying to do. Now, let’s see what happens over the next four years.

Ollie Daniels,

Pembroke Pines