Letters to the Editor

New day in America starts with each of us

America has entered a new day. Whether you voted for Trump or not, like him or not, he is now our president. Why not join him in his “crusade” of “Making America Great Again” by each of us doing our best each day with whatever we have personally, in our job and in our business? What do we have to lose, and look at what we have to gain?

Since the Obama election in 2008, the Republicans worked harder to make it hard for Obama to succeed while the Democrats went overboard to the left making it even harder for either side to find common ground. Congress and Washington screeched to a halt as democratic institutions.

Instead of exerting extraordinary leadership, which the situation required, Obama resorted to govern more by executive orders than legislative action. This made a bad situation worse domestically, and foreign policy also suffered.

We lost confidence not only in Washington, but politicians all the way down to our local community. On personal levels, friends became estranged, political tensions built in the workplace. None of this was good for business, our marriages, nor our friendships.

This led us to look for a new way, a change from this past, and new hope. Trump came along and now, he is our president.

So today, let each of us turn the page to a new chapter. Instead of fighting what we don’t like, why don’t we use whatever we do have and make it better by doing the best we can with it? Instead of finding fault blaming someone or something, why don’t we just find better ways of doing things at work, at home, and with our friends?

So why not put America, our community, our business and ourselves first by focusing on how we can do better, instead of destroying others via protests, and negative actions? Why not elevate our lives by looking up with new hope instead of blaming others?

Gunther Karger,