Letters to the Editor

A new era

Friday marked the end of an error — President Obama. As the Trump era begins, we will have a sophisticated businessman running the country instead of someone who was a professor and community organizer.

No longer will America find itself on the short end of trade deals and lose American jobs. Israel once again has a friend in the White House. No more Muslim terrorists will sneak into our country posing as refugees. Guantánamo will welcome many new residents in the coming years, instead of quietly releasing prisoners and putting them back onto the battlefield behind our backs.

Our president will be someone who realizes that we must put the interests of America first even if that means befriending Arab monarchs and dictators.

North Korea and Iran will again fear us because they view Donald Trump as a firm leader, instead of cerebral, but indecisive like Obama. Illegal immigrants who commit crimes will be promptly deported. We are embarking on a bright future for our country.

Mark Goldstein,

North Miami Beach