Letters to the Editor

Press can help

It’s not just Donald Trump who got us where we are. It’s the GOP that has turned our democracy into a regime. Trump’s cabinet picks will probably all get confirmed, despite their glaring lack of experience and conflicts of interest.

We can predict what is going to happen to the U.S. Supreme Court. The checks and balances that our forefathers envisioned are not going to protect us under the circumstances our country is facing. We are seeing that what is happening now was set in place by Republicans, and the Russians, years ago.

They saw Trump as a ready pawn for them. The GOP is no longer a government of the people.

Since our government cannot help us, our only hope is the press. As with Watergate, it is up to journalists (until they are silenced, too) to continue to expose the Russian/Trump ties, and James Comey’s role, as well, in our election.

Ellen Schnepper,