Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Obama

Thank you, President Obama. You were my president for half of my life. I was only 8 years old when I attended your election rally in October 2008. I still remember how you had energized the crowd that had waited for hours to listen to your “Yes we can” speech.

You have affected my life in many ways. Millions of Americans have healthcare, and you saved the country from a looming recession. But foremost, you infused integrity, humility and compassion in your role as president. You demonstrated a deep love for our great nation through your words and actions. You aspired to an inclusive America. As a Muslim American, I am grateful that you denounced bigotry and intolerance against all minorities.

I hope President Trump will emulate your noble example and lead us with the courage and integrity that was a hallmark of your presidency.

Fatima Minhas,

Fort Lauderdale