Letters to the Editor

Netanyahu’s stance

While Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu threw everything but the kitchen sink at President Obama in his speech, including Moses, the Holocaust, Purim, Elie Weisel, wicked Haman, he never offered any alternatives to what the United States is trying to do to rein in Iran’s nuclear program.

He believes that he’s the U.S. commander in chief. This same man who talks tough, but who gave Hebron to the Arabs, is nothing more than a hypocrite. He seems to believe that doing nothing is best for the world.

Of course, that will lead to a stepped-up effort by Iran to acquire nukes. Then Bibi and the U.S. neocons will have what they really want and what Bibi’s speech was really calling for: war with Iran.

Those who agree with him should have their own sons and daughters ready to go fight the Persians.

Harvey Slavin, Hallandale Beach