Letters to the Editor

Saving the pinelands?

While reading the March 4 article County official backs off rockland plan, I was cautiously optimistic about the prospects for preserving the Richmond Pine Rocklands.

The article notes that Miami-Dade Commissioner Dennis Moss was indefinitely postponing rockland development plans, which include a Disney-style theme park, Miami Wilds.

My optimism was crushed, however, when I read another item in the same Wednesday Herald, Business funding finally disbursed, which describes disbursement by the commissioners of a $75-million pool of economic-development dollars.

Although not mentioned in the article, an accompanying sidebar map shows $14 million disbursed to fund the Miami Wilds.

Looks to me like Commissioner Moss is talking out of both sides of his mouth as he barges ahead with his plans to develop the Richmond Pine Rocklands.

Cheryl Solomon, Miami