Letters to the Editor

Circus in decline

It may have been an American icon, but the end of the Ringling Bros. circus is a great step forward in setting an example on respecting and caring for all animals.

There is still work to be done by activists on other attractions that use animals to entertain and force them into a life of subjection to human contact. Then, if any animal reacts to human irresponsibility, the animal is killed. In addition to the issue of animal abuse, circuses have created freak shows, a nomadic life for its employees, and as statistics show, there is a high use of drugs and alcohol abuse by those who choose that life.

There is so much good, clean family fun available, and it starts with encouraging reading, participation in sports, music, hobbies and the various camps that have special programs for all children and youth offered by the city and county.

Goodbye Ringling, I will not miss you!

Marie D. Valenti,

South Miami