Letters to the Editor

Ros-Lehtinen’s vote

I’m disappointed that Ileana Ros-Lehtinen voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I’m one of her constituents and, as someone with a pre-existing condition — diabetes — was finally able to afford health insurance.

This past year I lost a toe. The neuropathy in my feet kept me from feeling the effect of an infection that got into my foot and ate away at the bone before it was detected. The operation and the extended hospital stay was covered under the insurance.

I’m not alone in Ros-Lehtinen’s district. Hialeah has the highest enrollment rate in the nation. What is she going to tell her constituents when they can’t get healthcare coverage? How will she explain that repealing the ACA and the tax surcharge was more important to her than their lives and health? How will she justify a repeal when there is no plan to replace, and likely never will be?

Will she be available to attend the funerals of those who will suffer unnecessary premature deaths because they lost their health care? Will she send flowers? Will she at least send a condolence card? The lives of many of her constituents were in her hands.

Stephen Cody, Palmetto Bay