Letters to the Editor

President, not king

Those of us who did not support the president-elect — a majority of the voters — are told it is our duty as Americans to give him and his policies a chance.

Judging by the only press conference he has held in six months, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be deserving of the benefit of the doubt.

He continues to behave like a seventh-grade schoolkid lording it over the lunchroom while showing little, if any, concern for the truth, unless he thinks that the truth is favorable to him.

He condemns as fake news that the Russians have embarrassing information about him, but instead of going after the Russians and Vladimir Putin, he wrongly condemns CNN and bullies its reporter for broadcasting the existence of such news, not the actual news itself.

In fact, we don’t know if the allegations are true. We only know that they have not been verified.

Trump has repeatedly lied to us (I saw video of thousands of Muslims celebrating 9/11; I did not mock that reporter for his disability; I personally selected the instructors at Trump U).

He dishonestly used his charitable foundation to pay personal debts and purchase portraits of himself.

He claims to have no business dealings in Russia despite what his son Eric has said.

Trump needs to earn our trust.

He can start by releasing his tax returns and the details of the trust he has set up to avoid conflicts of interest.

He will be president, not king.

Leonard P. Fenn, Coral Gables