Letters to the Editor

Way forward

As a lifelong Democrat, it’s clear to me that Joshua Karp and the so-called “leadership” haven’t been paying attention, (“Get rid of state Dems’ stale, elitist leadership process,” Jan. 10).

Trump’s election proved two things: a coalition comprised of disparate interest groups is no longer viable, and the public is too lazy to learn how government works, so you can tell them anything and they’ll believe it. It’s ineffectual to play interest group politics with groups who don’t even show up to vote.

If Democrats really want to expand their base, they should start by building a coalition that is representative of their constituency. While an Executive Committee that is 2 percent Hispanic is a travesty, one that is 24 percent does not “under-represent” the 16 percent of Floridians who are black.

Dr. Steven M. Urdegar, Plantation