Letters to the Editor

Mental first aid

The United Kingdom’s prime minister announced in a speech that mental health first aid training will be offered to secondary schools to teach about symptoms and provide help. It’s a great idea that needs to be implemented in our schools. Education reduces fear, anxiety, and stigma, and can provide a pathway to help with proven interventions.

We know that if you catch fire you should “stop, drop, and roll,” and that if you have increased urination and excessive thirst you should be checked for diabetes, but what if someone experiences voices and thinks their mind is being controlled by the U.S. government? What if a child is so scared of dogs that he or she doesn’t want to leave the house? We should all know enough to be able to identify a potential problem and be assured that there is good treatment, and where to find it. Educating our children is an excellent start.

Peyton White Lumpkin, Miami