Letters to the Editor

Crowded rails

Miami-Dade County urges us to use public transportation to help alleviate traffic problems. I do that, commuting from Dadeland North to Government Center daily. But there seems to be more and more problems with Metrorail. The cars are horribly crowded, and at 5 p.m., it is impossible to get a seat if you are boarding at Government Center.

Metrorail uses only four cars during rush hour as opposed to the six cars it used to run. People are literally on top of each other, not occasionally, but every day. When the cars are so crowded, tempers flare and people can be downright rude. More and more, there are delayed arrivals, both in the morning and afternoon commutes, causing even more problems.

I liked that the mayor rode the train a few weeks ago. How lovely that he rode not during rush hour, but when he could easily board and get a seat. Ask him to catch the 5 p.m. train at Government Center without anyone knowing he is going to. Then he’ll experience the real ride. Something must be done if you want residents to continue using rapid transit.

Beverly Riedy, Kendall