Letters to the Editor

Gun dangers

Unfortunately, Florida State Sen. Greg Steube’s bill (SB 140) to allow the open carry of weapons in public places, including elementary, middle and high schools, on college campuses and in other sensitive areas such as airports and public meetings, is still alive and threatening the lives of those we love.

Arnold Slotkin’s Jan. 11 letter to the editor, “Men with hats,” suggested, tongue in cheek, that this open carry bill be amended to require that “anyone openly carrying a gun wear a white hat if he’s a good guy and a black one if he’s a bad guy.” Oh, if it were so easy to be safe from gun violence.

This proposed legislation is all part of the NRA’s push for guns everywhere, for anyone, no questions asked. We must tell our legislators that we refuse to live in a state that allows people to openly carry guns where our children learn and where we live.

Let’s also tell them that we will hold them personally responsible for the increase in gun-related deaths that will surely follow if they pass open carry.

Jane A. Torres, Key Biscayne