Letters to the Editor

Obama’s UN slap of Israel will be costly

A large amount of the world’s Jewish community owe their lives to the survival of a relative that escaped from a regime that threatened their family with extermination.

Israel’s commitment extends to every Jew — regardless of skin color, socioeconomic class and religious practice. It is a safe haven, a place to call home for those fleeing distress or looking to build a new, better life. Israel’s survival, seemingly tenuous at times during its short history, is incumbent upon its self-reliance and ability to defend itself from hostilities on its borders and beyond.

To make peace in borders, that at its narrowest could be as small as nine miles wide, Israel’s neighbors must all start with the basic act of acknowledging Israel’s right to exist as an independent, Jewish state.

In the waning days of his term in office, our president’s departure from our decades old policy of protecting Israel from one sided and egregious resolutions at the U.N.’s Security Council may have more to do with personal issues than policy.

With one of its final acts in office, President Obama’s administration’s historic abandonment of our democratic ally is all the more absurd. Instead of effectively dealing with death and destruction in Syria, Secretary John Kerry felt that we must take action on Israeli settlements.

The president’s refusal to veto the passage of UN Resolution 2334, has given strength and support to the those calling for the isolation of Israel through the imposition of economic sanctions.

This shameful resolution directly benefits the Boycott, Divestiture and Sanction (BDS) movement and can have long reaching consequences for the Jewish State. Moreover, by abandoning our long standing tradition of not circumventing direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians with actions in international organizations, we are encouraging Palestinian intransigence. By rewarding the Palestinians’ lack of willingness to engage in direct negotiations, they will only call for new preconditions and unilateral Israeli concessions. If you thought making progress was hard before, good luck even getting the Palestinians back to the table now.

The actions taken have deeply shaken the small and only democratically elected Middle Eastern republic to its core. Over the next two weeks, additional damaging action from the Obama administration may be forth coming. While he ignores the pleas of the overwhelming majority of the members of his own party, he is sending an important lesson to many Democrats across the nation: Following a party that will cripple our allies and empower our enemies should be a true learning moment for voters to rethink blind loyalties.

This action, now a lasting aspect of President Obama’s legacy, may have once been unimaginable a few short years ago. In the words of Alan Dershowitz you are going to see a lot people leaving the Democratic Party.

Marc Sarnoff,