Letters to the Editor

Men with hats

Florida Sen. Greg Steube’s bill to allow the open carry of guns in airports, college campuses and similar places in Florida has failed.

I’ve been thinking of why that happened and decided that it was because, if a law enforcement officer entered a scene of mass shooting and people were running around carrying guns in their hands and shooting at one another, he or she would have no way of knowing who was the good guy and who the evil one.

I would like to suggest that Sen. Steube resubmit his bill with an additional clause requiring that anyone openly carrying a gun wear a white hat if he’s a good guy and a black one if he’s a bad guy.

This worked perfectly in all of the old cowboy movies.

If he called it the “Tom Mix bill” he could count on support from all of the senior citizens like myself who miss the certainty that law enforcement is always shooting the evil doers.

Arnold Slotkin,