Letters to the Editor

Hail the cafecito

Re the Jan. 6 opinion piece by Joe Cardona, “Bustelo needs to chill with a cafecito break all its own:” Having coffee at 3 p.m., el café de las tres, is a custom in several Spanish speaking countries, something akin to teatime for the British.

What makes Jenny Lee Molina’s idea for coffee at 3:05 p.m. brilliant is that it is unique to Miami-Dade County. She combined the coffee time custom with the Miami area code and created something completely new.

She should get all the credit for it.

Because the coffee ritual’s time is different, it can’t be shared with anyone else, not even the coffee maker. It’s unique to our area. Otherwise it would be a ripoff.

It sounds to me like Bustelo is full of it.

The next time I go to the grocery store to buy my coffee, it will not be Bustelo.

Lisa Morales, Davie