Letters to the Editor

Trump fatigue

So the Russian hacking had no effect on the election. Trump knows this because he won.

Besides, it’s the fault of the “Democrat” Party, as he calls it. He knows this because it wasn’t Russia's fault (everybody does it) and it wasn’t the Republicans’ fault. So it has to be the Dems’ fault!

The fact that so many embrace this kind of infantile, destructive statement is a revelation to me. Not only is the electorate fractured, but a sizable chunk is willfully blind.

But I think the Blamer-in-Chief will not get away with this behavior much longer. Watch for more lowbrow vitriol when he runs into normal opposition in Congress. I have enough faith to believe people will weary of this, and soon.

The question is, then what? I don’t think he knows how to do anything else except slimy negotiation powered by calumny, and he’ll be up against the best battle-hardened politicos of both parties, who are no strangers to either.

I was a straight-ticket Republican until this election. What a mess!

Forrest Steele,

Lake Placid