Letters to the Editor

Scott disrespects

Not to my surprise, I was disappointed and disgusted by Gov. Scott’s comments in a Fort Lauderdale press conference Friday after the horrific airport massacre. This man, who has no business being governor, but somehow is, explained that after the events, he had contacted President-elect Trump and Vice President elect-Pence to brief them of the situation. A reporter then prompted him if he had contacted “The President of the United States” also and he simply said “No,” and then said “I have a good rapport with President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence.” End of question.

He then ended the press conference by stating unequivocally that “These acts of horror, will never be allowed in the great State of Florida again.” That statement makes me feel very safe and secure now.

I feel that when a private citizen disrespects the President and/or the Office of the President, it is shameful. When an elected official such as our governor does it, the act becomes immoral and felonious. Of course, do we expect any less from our “esteemed” Gov. Scott?

Herman Irizarry,

West Kendall