Letters to the Editor

Phony patriots

When did the Republican Party become ex-pats? Where is the party of Lincoln and Reagan? Their incoming leader publicly has more respect and regard for Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB, than for our own president.

Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge Russia’s hacking.

He holds the word of Putin, and Julian Assange — an accused sex offender hiding out in an Ecuadorian embassy and a security data thief — above our own intelligence agencies.

Daily, he tweets his disregard for these agencies and for the people who dedicate their lives for our security. Of course, he will deny the validity of their reports. They show the hand of Putin on the election.

Now we see Republicans spouting pretzel logic instead of outrage, desperately trying to negotiate the third rail of their own making.

They have sold their political souls and perhaps their morality, in a way.

More frightening than a straw-man leader are the masses following him into the muck and mire of anti-American rhetoric. Some have compared the rise of Trump to the movie “Citizen Kane.”

I say it more emulates “Meet John Doe,” except Trump has none of the qualities of John Doe, who had a message to the forgotten, the left outs. He is just a greedy, self-serving phony. There will be no come-to-Jesus moment; and those who followed still left out and forgotten.

Felicia Tannehill,

Biscayne Park