Letters to the Editor

High-stakes testing

The March 3 editorial, An ‘F’ in readiness, affirms the position of the North Central Education Task Force, which has been consistently lobbying the Miami-Dade School Board and state legislators about the critical matter of high-stakes testing.

It amounts to a policy of “test, punish, and push out.”

While some of our advocates are pursuing this issue, others are looking at the limited and underfunded strategies required for early-childhood development and school readiness. Timely and effective strategies are needed to unclog the school-to-prison pipeline before it costs our community yet another generation.

Local school district officials haven’t responded to task-force efforts to have more collaboration between parents, families, neighborhood and faith-based organizations in getting better results. “It takes a village” is not a cliché, it’s a challenge.

Doretha Nichson,

North Central Dade Coalition,

Education Task Force, Miami