Letters to the Editor

Traffic lights out of sync

Those who live in West Kendall all know what a nightmare Kendall Drive is in the morning, afternoon and on weekends.

I have always believed that if the traffic engineers had to drive this road during rush hour, things would change. A good example is Southwest 127th Avenue and Kendall Drive. Northbound and southbound traffic on 127th Avenue go at different times, which extends the length of time the light is red on Kendall.

There is an ample number of turn lanes and space to have a double turn lane arrow at the same time (north and south) and then your through traffic. Right now, it is about 30 seconds for each direction, totaling a minute, at least, of red for Kendall. Change it to 45 seconds of green for both north and south on 127th Avenue (going at the same time) and you shave 15 seconds off each light cycle for Kendall and add 15 seconds to 127th Avenue.

Chris Bimonte, Kendall