Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Sheriff Israel

Esteban Santiago is a veteran of the Iraq War. He was injured, and he obviously gave to his country. When Gov. Rick Scott comments, he calls Santiago and what police say he did “evil.” But Broward Sheriff Scott Israel simply told us shooter wasn’t hurt, gave updates on victims and said BSO was doing everything it could to investigate thoroughly before more comment.

Santiago allegedly did a terrible thing, but he also had an honorable history. And, he did what he could: He contacted the FBI and told agents that he was hearing voices. He received a psychiatric evaluation. In a real way, we let him down, and so many suffered.

My son, too, is an Iraq war vet. Kudos to Sheriff Israel for handling the shootings the way he did. As for Gov. Scott, eh. The airport incident was tragic, sad, and preventable How about making better healthcare for vets a national priority?

Rhonda Laffey, Cooper CIty