Letters to the Editor


Why is Trump so determined to repeal Obamacare? He says it’s a disaster. Then why have 20 million people signed up for it? These are people who do not work for corporations that provide employee benefits. Individual medical insurance is very difficult to obtain, if at all, and is prohibitively expensive.

The prescription costs to senior citizen will increase dramatically, as well as their Medicare premiums, if the Affordable Care Act is scrapped. The wealthy who are now paying higher premiums will see a reduction in premiums if Obamacare is repealed. Now isn’t that interesting?

Trump claims to have a better plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. How come nothing is mentioned about what it would be?

If there are problems with the Affordable Care Act, fix the problems, but repealing it is crazy, heartless and totally unfair to those who use it.

Alan Lapides,

Boynton Beach