Letters to the Editor

Repealing ACA

Thank God I am insured under my employer’s health plan. Of course, the premiums are deducted every two weeks from my paycheck. So, whether the Republicans repeal Obamacare or not, it does not affect me at all.

But to have the Republican House and Senate constantly singing the same song that they are going to repeal Obamacare, that it is good for nothing, without coming up with another plan to replace it is nothing more than irresponsible and shows they do not care about the people who elected them.

Obamacare isn’t perfect, but the Republicans had more than a few years to come up with a substitute plan. However, they have done nothing. And, as Julie Andrew said in the movie, “The Sound of Music,” “Nothing comes from nothing.” If lawmakers do nothing, nothing is not going to happen to make things better for the average American.

To show how irresponsible they are, the first thing House members did at the beginning of the new session was to attempt to disable the office that investigates unethical behavior of their own members.

Voters should take note. Make sure representatives get the message loud and clear. And never, never again, give them the chance to represent us, because they do not.

Carmejo Cabarcas,