Letters to the Editor

Trump Rebirthed

In your Open Mic section of Jan. 5, Susan Russell, of Coconut Grove, in a letter entitled “McCarthy Recalled as Trump’s ‘Affair’ with Putin Grows” wrote:

“The suggestion that Russia is perceived by some as possibly affecting the election results is enough to send Trump into frenzy because it smacks of undermining his legitimate claim to the presidency.”

I had to laugh thinking that this was just another version of “The Birther” experiencing a taste of his own medicine.

If Obama wasn’t born a United States citizen, and Trump demanded proof of it, then why bristle when people demand the same proof that he, Trump, wasn’t birthed into his presidency by Russian interference.

What goes ‘round, comes ‘round!

Let’s hope Trump develops the same finesse, dignity, and “high road” that Obama demonstrated for us.

Randy Mazie.