Letters to the Editor

A ‘U’ stadium

Why doesn’t Miami-Dade do something to help remedy the University of Miami’s stadium predicament? Hard Rock Stadium is more than 20 miles from campus. Way too far for most students to navigate. The sparsely populated stands are filled with some die-hard alumni and a few students.

It can never provide the Hurricanes with the home-field advantage that they deserve.

UM has no room to build an on-campus stadium. However, Tropical Park is less than three miles from campus on Miller Road. The equestrian venue could be moved to a more-suitable location, perhaps the Redland or Homestead.

A 40,000-seat multipurpose stadium could be built in its place. UM’s park-and-ride system could transport students and fans to and from the games. And game day parking could be worked out at South Miami Senior High School.

The facility could also host high school football games, soccer matches, concerts, etc. It would be a well-used asset for the county.

David Becker, Pinecrest