Letters to the Editor

Caring community

WalletHub’s Most Caring Cities report, used as the basis of the Jan. 2 editorial, “As we enter the new year, let’s care more,” is flawed. While I applaud the article’s sentiment encouraging kindness through community commitment, my experience after 22 years with the Homeless Trust is that Miami is unbelievably caring, especially when it comes to volunteering at homeless shelters, donating for building needs and advocating for homeless needs and services.

We still have enormous challenges, including the need for landlords to help provide housing for homeless veterans and families. But the generosity of so many in Miami is the backbone of our providers. We have actually seen our volunteer community grow. After Homeless Awareness Day 2016, we had more than 20 different entities contact us to say, “What can we do to help?”

Room for improvement? Sure. But using homelessness as a measuring stick for ‘kindness?’ Our experience says there are better data points to use. Let’s embrace the caring community we are and build up from there.

Ronald L. Book, chairman, Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, Miami